Do men honestly not realise how transparent it is when they get rejected and then immediately call us fat or ugly? Really, though, is that supposed to do something besides make you look like a whiny baby? And if one more man tells me I need to “get a sense of humor” or “stop being crazy”, I’m going to tattoo the definition of gaslighting on my hand and just shove it in their faces when they’re mid-sentence.

there is a report and block function use it, don’t continue feeding him, as soon as he tried to argue with you/ insult you. get rid of that asshole

I was going to leave this one alone, but decided that this might be a good way to remind everybody about something we believe in here at okcreepsters.

Yes, there are report and block functions. They can certainly be useful (though the report function often results in nothing happening). It’s important to do what you need to do to remain safe.


So many men are not used to being called out on their bullshit.

We believe that it is important for women, dfab and/or other MOGAI folks, and other fetishized minorities to start calling men out on their racist, sexist, predatory or otherwise gross bullshit. Sure, you could block them and ignore them, but that just tells them that there are no consequences to their actions.

Get angry. Take screenshots. Tell them their shit isn’t okay. Be a feminist killjoy.

We’ve received so many messages telling us that our blog has helped people know that they aren’t alone in the shitty messages they receive—that they aren’t the problem, but rather that society is. We’ve helped people be more proactive in their dating behavior.

If we all start doing this, calling men out, I really believe that we can change the culture of online dating. I really do.

- S

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